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Thoughts of Isaiah: The Enygma Series

How great is Tom Thelwell.

There’s no question mark on the end of that because it doesn’t deserve a question mark.

In this article, we are working on the assertion that Tom Thelwell IS GREAT.

When I came to dissect Tom Thelwell’s involvement in this series I opened up his body to observe nothing but cogs and wires, and in place of his brain, a beam of Light. Thelwell is a machine, a specimen, a true enigma.

He reminds me a lot of myself.

In my short time with Thomas, I have instilled upon him values that are sorely lacking in today’s youth. A quick glance at the other competitors in the Enygma series and it is clear to see why your eyes are immediately drawn to Tom.

He encapsulates the amelioration of the human condition. With each passing day, hour, minute, second- he progresses.

This, is why he is great.

Yours in mind
The Guiding Light
Isaiah Quinn